Through the medium of the outdoor environment, Outward Bound UAE corporate courses can help develop relationships and connections with your workforce and provide valuable leadership skills for senior management.

We give participants confidence, strength of character and the determination to help them thrive in the  in the workplace and become a more productive and valuable member of society.

Every individual that experiences an Outward Bound program comes away different. They become more observant, more receptive, more engaged and want to make a positive difference to those around them, and to themselves.



Our L.E.A.D. programme is meant for those who wish to better understand and further develop their potential to lead.  It's based on the premise that leadership is not a generic inheritance, it's a skill to acquire and master.

Throughout the course you'll learn what leadership is, what skills you need to develop and develop a personal leadership plan.

Pursuit of Happiness

A 5 day course which provides service center managers and supervisors with the capabilities to create a happy workforce for their company and a happy environment for customers.

The focus of this course will be on helping to improve team member awareness of those around them, ensure a positive outlook and deliver exceptional service.


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