The Outward Bound program has been delivering experiential and outdoor
education courses since 1941 with hundreds of thousands of people benefiting
from truly unique and life changing experiences all over the world.

We give participants confidence, strength of character and the determination to help them thrive in the classroom, at home or in the workplace and become a more productive and valuable member of society.

Every individual that experiences an Outward Bound program comes away different. They become more observant, more receptive, more engaged and want to make a positive difference to those around them, and to themselves.

Demanding but Naturally Beautiful Surroundings

We place our students in unfamiliar and demanding, but naturally beautiful environments. Our expeditions are not easy. The days are physically and mentally challenging. Students are expected to work hard and work closely as a team. They are expected to work for the benefit of the group and reflect on their successes and failures. No one can be a passenger on an Outward Bound expedition and everyone has to be fully aware of the needs of their fellow team members.


Sense of Purpose

We know what a difference an Outward Bound course can make. It leaves participants with a sense of purpose and allows them to focus on what they want to do with their lives. Every student comes away with a sense of exuberence and enthusiasm. Strangers become life long friends who have shared challenges, adversity, failures and successes which makes them stronger, more confident and more resilient.

The main objective of Outward Bound UAE is to deliver the best outdoor learning experience in the world, which are character building and produce future leaders across all of the UAE.

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