Outward Bound programs offer truly unique experiences
that encourage participants to work together as a team, learn
new skills and accomplish tasks they never thought possible.


“I learned to cooperate with my team and take their advice. We all worked as one heart.”

“I have learned a lot about teamwork and how to keep the team organized.”

“Not everyone is equal. Some walked fast, some walked slow. Some did not prefer the food made but some did. But everyone helped in reaching the destination as a team.”


“I have learned how to be respectful to all the teammates throughout the course.”

Self Belief

“I have learned that I am unique.”

“I learned to never give up before reaching my goals.”

“No matter how many times I lost hope or got tired mentally, I used my willpower to keep going and achieve where we had to go.”


“I have learned that not always people will listen to you, they will have different thinking but one has to think wisely and guide them silently or indirectly.”

Supporting Others

“Being able to help each other’s and watching for each other’s safety when climbing the mountains as well as helping them out.”


“Whenever something is planned you know the destination but not the route to the endpoint.”

“I have learned that everyone is living one life so we have to have goals to reach. It’s hard but we can do it.”

“It has taught me that we can do better than we think we would do. Success is not too far ahead.”

“I learned to set my goals which are challenging and above my limits, and to never give up until I crack this boundary and be able to achieve my goal.”

Self Development

“Honesty is not being honest to just someone else but one has to be honest with themselves as well. If I don’t know how to go about something I prefer to ask and learn.”


“It helped me understand more about other people who come from different cultures and put them in a new light and work together better.”


“I learned how to be more dependent on myself rather than others and to be responsible for my actions.”

“This helped me to be responsible for my actions even if it was wrong. I learned not to hide my mistakes, but try to minimise its consequences.”